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Fall 2019

Gabe Capps

Hi I’m Gabe! I am a sophomore here at Cowley and I am also on the wrestling team. I went to Marysville Junior/Senior Highschool in Marysville, Kansas. I have 5 siblings, 2 brothers and 3 sisters. I am the oldest sibling in my family. I am apart of the Math and Science Club, as well as the National Math Society. I will be tutoring math classes such as College Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus I.

Ainsley Carson

My name is Ainsley Carson and I am currently a sophomore here at Cowley! I was born Wichita, but was raised in Belle Plaine, Kansas. I have two brothers and I am the middle child. My major is Athletic Training, but I would love to also get my doctorate in Physical Therapy. My favorite subjects are math and science classes. I would love for everyone to come see for help in Comp I/II, Chem I/II, Biology I, Anatomy and Physiology, and Physics!

Skylar Darnall

Hello! I am Skylar Darnell. I was born in North Carolina but was raised in Kansas. I am sophomore here at Cowley this year. I chose Cowley to continue my education and athletic career. I am looking forward to tutoring in many different subjects such as: Comp I/II, Chem I, Accounting I, and Microeconomics.

Alejandra Delgado

My name in Alejandra Delgado! I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. I came to Cowley to play volleyball and continue my studies in Pre-Physical Therapy. I will be looking forward to help other students in the subjects of Chemistry I/II, Biology, and even Spanish. It would always be a pleasure to help you!

Lucas Sousa de Freitas

I am Lucas de Freitas. I was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil! I am 20 years old and I came to Cowley for my studies and to play soccer. I am looking forward to tutoring College Algebra, Comp I, and Computer Applications!

Elluan Martin Gomes

Meghan Harrison

Hi, I’m Meghan! I was born in Lawton, Oklahoma and have lived there for almost my entire life. For four year I lived in Korea. I am a sophomore here at Cowley and I am also on the softball team. I am majoring in Psychology! I am looking forward to tutoring in Comp I/II, Psychology, Computers Applications, and College Algebra!

Britton MacLaughlin

My name is Britton MacLaughlin, I am 18 years old and a freshman. I have interest in many different things, but mainly; music and sports. I do not have a favorite subject in school, but I primarily enjoy math and reading. I look forward to tutoring this 2019-2020 school year.

Levi Macy

My name is Levi Macy and I am from Clearwater, Kansas! I am a sophomore at Cowley this year and am majoring in Accounting. I am looking forward to tutoring Math and Accounting classes.

Kendall Ray

My name is Kendall Ray and I am from Braman, Oklahoma. I am the youngest of three kids, whom all have attended Cowley. I came to Cowley to major in Occupational Therapy and to throw on the track team. I am a sophomore at Cowley and I am involved in Student Ambassadors, Resident Assistants, Student Senate, Work Study, track and field, and now a tutor! I am most excited to tutor students in Biology and History!

Olivia Seitter

My name is Olivia Seiter and I am from Clearwater, Kansas. I am a sophomore at Cowley this year and am majoring in Psychology. In the future I would like to work with children who have disabilities, such as Autism. I will be tutoring in the following subjects: Comp I/II, Computer Applications, Statistics, Spanish, Psychology, and College Algebra.

Alexandrea Shiever

My name is Alexandrea Shiever. I am from Winfield, Kansas and I graduated early from high school. I am a freshman at Cowley and am majoring in Accounting. My goal this year is to earn an education while also making friends and getting involved through dance and other activities.

Kadie Smith

My name is Kadie Smith and I am a sophomore! I am here at Cowley to play volleyball and help you learn! I was raised on a little farm in Plevna, Kansas, but I graduated from Cheney High School in Cheney, Kansas. I am a super friendly person and would love to help you with Statistics, Accounting I/II, Microeconomics, Comp I/II, and College Algebra! So very excited to meet you all!


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