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What should I do if I've been sexually assaulted at Cowley?

  • Get to a place where you feel safe
  • Seek a friend you can trust
  • Don't shower or bathe any part of your body, douche, urinate, defecate, use medications or brush your teeth, if possible
  • Stay in the clothes you are wearing or, if you've already changed, bring clothes, sheets and anything that was in contact with you during the assault in a paper bag (not plastic!) or wrapped in a clean sheet - don't clean or straighten the area
  • Don't touch anything the accused may have touched or left behind - this physical evidence can help if a criminal charge is pursued
  • Get medical help to check for internal injuries you might not be aware of, treat external injuries, be treated for certain STDs, and get information about HIV/AIDS and pregnancy prevention
  • Consider having a rape kit done at the hospital - even if you don't think you want to press charges, having a rape kit allows you to have evidence collected should you change your mind later
  • Seek counseling support
  • Consider your legal options and ask questions for clarification


If I file a complaint, can it remain confidential?