Cowley College

Sumner Campus

Testimonials about the Sumner Campus Project

"TECT Aerospace needs a skilled workforce in order to continue the growth we are experiencing. Cowley College located in Wellington will provide local support to develop these workers and helps Wellington employers fill jobs with local talent, keeping Wellington businesses strong." Linda Coleman, TECT Aerospace (Wellington)

"As a former agriculture education teacher I fully support any and all vocational and technical trailing for our local students in Sumner County." Lindal Nelson (Wellington)

"Our company fully supports a Sumner County Campus of Cowley College plan. Having the college will increase the economic outlook -- more people means more business for our community." Cammy McComb, Theurer Auction and Realty (Wellington)

"As a Sumner County resident I'm in complete support of the tax increase for higher education ... I can't think of a better commitment to the future generations and the growth in community for Wellington. I hope everyone will get behind this effort for GROWTH because the alternative isn't very promising." Sunni Goentzel, J.P. Weigand and Sons (Geuda Springs)

"I want a future for my grandchildren and would love them to stay in the area when they are older, and finish college." Diana Frazier, J.P. Weigand and Sons (Wellington)

"I attended Cowley College from 1955 - 56. Great college prep school. Need to have location in Wellington to support the students working to get started getting basic college courses done. Vocational classes are needed in this location. Auto repair and aircraft repair classes are needed." Russell Day (Wellington)

"A location in Sumner county would be amazing. Having to drive into Wichita or Ark City makes it very inconvenient. It would be great to have a place to communicate with your advisors over something other than email." Allison Thieme (Wellington)

"I would love for Cowley College to come to Wellington. What a boost to our economy! So many businesses would come to Wellington. Our population would grow. More people to pay the tax off! I really don't see a negative, except for a tax increase. What a small price to pay to grow Wellington. My children are grown, but if I had children ready for college, I would be thrilled." Karen Murray – Owner, Barbara Jon’s Fine Gifts and Decor (Wellington)

"I believe the Sumner County Campus will help Sumner County. WE need this opportunity to grow in population and financially. It is an excellent investment in our future." Michelle Schiltz, Candidate for Kansas House District 80 (Caldwell)

"The addition of a Sumner County campus will provide great opportunities for all of our communities. Providing students the chance to affordably further their education closer to home will show we're serious about keeping our hard-working young adults involved with and contributing to our communities. This also opens another door for us to show young people new to our area why Sumner County is a great place to live and work!" Phil White (Wellington)

"As retired members of this community we totally support the Cowley County College Campus in Wellington, Ks. Sumner County needs this boost to grow our community. This is a win-win situation. The 1/2 percent sales tax increase is nothing compared to future dollars this will bring to Sumner County. More dollars spent in our city and more people moving into our city will increase our tax base in the future. A smaller percent for each person to have to support. Vote YES in November." Ginny and Rick Schon (Wellington)

"Super stoked for this opportunity for our town." Jane Cole, Farmers Insurance (Wellington)

"GKN Aerospace in Wellington supports this initiative wholeheartedly. I recently spoke at a Sumner County commissioners meeting voicing the importance of the campus and encouraged the commissioners to support the initiative as well." Todd Gardner, GKN Aerospace (Wellington)

"It's a win/win for the college and Sumner County community." Anita Judd-Jenkins, Candidate for Kansas House District 80 (Ark City)

"I see it as a solid economic driver for the future of our county." Leo Schiltz, Impact Bank (Caldwell)

"It will make college more affordable for local students and bring business and industries to the county. I am a graduate of Eastern Oklahoma A&M Junior College, class of 1951. Because of limited finances, junior college was a necessity. It made my future education possible. I want the same opportunity for area residents and strongly support this issue." Marjorie Short, Short Land Company (Oxford)

"It will keep kids in Sumner County to go to school and come back to live and work in our communities." Julie McPherron, USD359 Argonia (Argonia)

"Wellington's east side is prime for future growth. This campus would be a step in the growth of Wellington and Sumner County." Tommy Lowry, Lowry Builders (Oxford)

"This is an excellent opportunity to have a positive long-term economic impact on our county. It will also increase the base of local skilled workers to keep our businesses thriving." Lori Day, GKN Aerospace Precision Machining (Wellington)

"Growing our communities, developing economic prosperity, providing career opportunities for young adults makes this a win-win situation for every family in Sumner County." Kevin Schmidt, Caldwell 6-12 Principal (Caldwell)

"I'm a firm believer in higher education. Regardless of age, education is a lifelong journey." Don Short, Buffalo Oil and Gas (Oxford)

"Cowley was instrumental in me getting my B.A. at Southwestern College as an adult. It made economic sense to complete many of my general education classes at Cowley." Skeet Sirmons, Theurer Auction/Realty (Wellington)

"We need it to grow and sustain jobs in Sumner County!" Shelley Hansel, Mayor of Wellington/Rocking M Media (Wellington)

"I want to positively grow our community and offer the best opportunities to our community for education and quality of life for students of all ages." Pamela Hinman, JP Weigand and Sons (Wellington)

"We need higher education and the energy of youth in the community." Mark Goodrum, Goodrum and Co. (Wellington)

"A new Cowley College campus is just the sort of investment Wellington needs to start bringing in new residents, as well as new businesses. Not only will there be new students moving to town, but also teachers and administrators, who will all be shopping at stores and contributing to the local economy. Along with these new residents, new restaurants, stores and other businesses are bound to come to town to meet new demands." Aaron Norton (Wellington)