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Halloween Door Decorating Contest

Dorm students at Cowley College's main campus in Arkansas City got into the spirit of the season by taking part in the Halloween Door Decorating Contest.

2019 Contest

  • First Place: Ainsley Carson, Shae Richardson (Central Dorm)
  • Second Place: Isaac Gardinier (The Lodge)
  • Third Place: Kayelee Self, Rachel Green (Docking Dorm)
First Place Second Place Third Place

2018 Contest

  • First Place: Kayla Noear and Electra Deweberry
  • Second Place: Abigail Parks and Skyler Maga
  • Third Place: Tristan Barrangan

2016 Contest

  • First Place: Aryana Hess and Bryana Hess
  • Second Place: Mariah Gillespie and Claudia Sprague
  • Third Place: Alexis Chambray and Caitlyn Guess

2015 Contest

  • First Place: Johnna Atwood and Jordan Powell
  • Second Place: Kat Williams and Jessica Burk
  • Third Place: Tierra Ratzlaff and Ashley Fritts