Cowley College

Academic Support

Disabilities Services

Student Responsibilities

The student is responsible for requesting services from the Disability Services Coordinator and implementing the plan of assistance. Appropriate documentation must be provided to the DSC for the purpose of determining eligibility and accommodations. Testing and evaluation for the purposes of verifying the disability is the responsibility of each individual student requesting services. The college does not administer any tests or evaluations to determine if a student has a disability or to update any previous documentation/evaluation.

College Disability Services Coordinator

The Disability Services Coordinator (DSC) is responsible for receiving documentation, determining appropriate accommodations for students requesting services and developing an individualized plan for each course with student input.

  • The DSC works with each student to determine a course of action to accommodate the requests.
  • Auxiliary aids and equipment may be provided to students as needed in order to meet the accommodation request.
  • he DSC will provide letters of accommodation for students to give to each instructor.
  • The DSC maintains a confidential file of all student records and documentation.