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How to Make a Good Impression When Applying for a Job

  • Know the name of the contact person (or department) and position you are applying for BEFORE making contact with the employer.

  • Your job application and/or resume need to look professional. If completing the application by hand, be sure to print legibly. Have someone proofread these documents before you submit them to an employer.

  • Apply alone. Don’t take your friends or children with you to apply for a job.

  • If applying in person, dress appropriately. You should dress one step above the position you are applying for. Your clothing should be clean, modest and free of wrinkles and holes.

  • Make sure you look and smell pleasant before going to the business.

    • Bathe and shave.

    • Don’t smoke or drink alcohol prior to going to the business.

    • Don’t wear heavy perfume or too much makeup.

    • Don’t show off your stomach, tattoo or piercing.

  • Be prepared. Take the following with you:

    • Information on previous jobs: dates of employment, pay rate, supervisor’s name, company address and phone number.

    • Reference names, addresses and phone numbers.

    • A copy of your resume (if you have one).

    • A pen.

  • If possible ask to speak to the manager or person doing the hiring. Briefly introduce yourself and tell them why you should be hired. Explain how you can benefit their company. DON’T tell them you applied because you need a job or money.