Cowley College

Student Life

Welcome to Student Life Events at Cowley College!

Student Senate Meeting - 6:00 PM - Monday, October 9

Meeting in the McAtee Dining Center

We come to discuss:

  • Current and upcoming events
  • Campus club/activity/organization information
  • And any new business placed on the agenda

All Cowley College clubs, activites and organizations will have a representative attend each public Student Senate Meeting.

This is your chance to get involved and have your voice heard.

Events Calendar for Spring 2018

January 23rd – Bongo Ball & Battle Ball, Cowley Recreation building, 4-10pm
January 25th – Cowley College Free Bowling, Hillcrest Bowling Lanes, 9:30pm-Midnight
January 29th – Intramural Pool Tournament, NSC Game Room, 7pm