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Policies & Procedures



Cowley College recognizes the need to provide financial assistance to qualified students. Federal regulations require students receiving federal aid to make "Satisfactory Academic Progress" in order to continue receiving federal aid. Progress of all students on federal aid will be measured at the end of each semester based on hours attempted, hours completed, grade point average (gpa) and the maximum timeframe allotted for the degree or certificate.

The following procedures will be used to determine eligibility and the awarding of federal aid:

  1. A student's eligibility for federal financial aid will be evaluated each semester aid is received on approved need, enrollment in a degree or a certificate program, satisfactory academic progress and availability of funds. Summer is considered a trailer semester at Cowley College and SAP is evaluated for summer as well.
  2. Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is defined as follows:

    Good Standing:
    The student completes a minimum of 67% of credit hours attempted with a grade point average of 1.75 each semester and a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 once 31 or more credit hours have been attempted.

    The students cumulative and /or semester gpa does not meet the minimum 1.75 and /or the student does not meet the 67% attempted hours requirement. Students on Warning status are still eligible for all federal aid types. At the end of a Warning semester, if the student meets all minimum standards they will return to Good Standing. If any standards are not met while on Warning, the student will be on Denial. Students on Warning Status must complete the Warning/Academic Plan Acknowledgement and the Financial Literacy Quiz (both available through the students financial aid portal).

    Student has no passing grades for a semester or hours completed for a semester or student was on Warning status and did not meet one or more of the required standards. Denial status means the student is not eligible for Title IV aid which includes grants, loans and work study.

    Student has appealed Denial status and been reinstated on Probation status. Student is eligible for Title IV aid and must meet all standards during Probation status or will return to Denial status. Students reinstated on Probation must provide an approved Academic Plan from a Cowley Advisor.

  3. Remedial hours: For federal aid recipients, remedial hours are included in GPA calculations as eligible hours for federal aid. However, remedial hours are not included in graduation calculations. Once a student has attempted 30 remedial hours (whether aid was used or not) any further remedial hours will not be used in the calculation of eligible hours for federal aid.
  4. Repeated hours: A student may repeat a course previously passed with a D if a higher grade is required for graduation or transfer . A student who has failed all attempted courses or withdrawn (W) without ever passing it may repeat the course and receive federal aid for it until passed with a D or better.
  5. Transfer Credits: Student must request official transcripts from all prior colleges attended. All previous college attempted and completed credit hours officially on file will count toward the students GPA and maximum hours attempted regardless of whether federal aid was used towards those transfer hours.
  6. Maximum Attempted Hours: Students are allowed to attempt 150% of a programs’ hours required before they are no longer eligible for federal aid at Cowley College. 150% of an Associate’s Degree is 95 credit hours. Certificate requirements will vary based on program length but will be calculated as 150% of the required credit hours for the program certificate.
  7. Federal Aid Appeal: Students on Federal Aid Denial may appeal that denial by completing the Appeal Form relevant to their particular denial status. (i.e. SAP, Maximum Attempted Hours, Unusual Enrollment History) located in the forms section of the Cowley website. (Appeal Procedures: SDT011, SDT012, SDT013)

If you have questions regarding this policy, you may contact the Financial Aid Office.

Adopted October 18, 1993
Revised October 16, 1995
Reviewed July 21, 2003
Revised October 19, 2009
Revised December 13, 2010
Revised July 18, 2011
Revised September 19, 2011
Revised May 21, 2012
Revised August 14, 2017