Cowley College

Parallel Success

September 10, 2020

Career success is something everyone strives for. What makes that success even better is when you have someone to share it with. This is the case for two recent graduates from Cowley College’s Criminal Justice Program, Billy Wollard and Brennon Marcotte. Wollard and Marcotte both graduated from Cowley in 2019.

While at Cowley both students took a part-time job with the Cowley County Sheriff’s Office working as correctional officers in the jail. They continued this employment throughout their studies at Cowley until recently, when both of them applied for jobs with the Winfield Police Department, at the same time.

While this could potentially be seen as competition, both of them took it in stride and encouraged each other at every stage of the hiring process.

The support and friendship paid off as both of them were offered positions and were sworn in together on August 8, 2020 during the Winfield City Commission meeting.

According to Chief Robbie Delong of the Winfield Police Department the parallel careers will continue as both Wollard and Marcotte have been scheduled to attend the 14-week Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center (KLETC) together, beginning later this month.

“Congratulations to both Billy and Brennon and may they both have outstanding careers,” Cowley College criminal justice instructor Frank Owens said.

Pictured, from left, Brennon Marcotte, City of Winfield Finance Director/City Clerk Brenda Peters, Billy Wollard, and Winfield Police Department Chief Robbie Delong.