Cowley College

Cowley and WSU sign 2+2 agreement in Anthropology

August 25, 2020

Cowley College and Wichita State University recently partnered on a 2+2 agreement in Anthropology. The purpose of the 2+2 Agreement is to provide students a four-year coordinated program where students will receive an Associates of Arts degree at Cowley College in the first two years and a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology degree from Wichita State University (WSU) after two additional years.

This agreement is for Cowley College students who have earned an Associates of Arts (A.A.) degree according to the agreement. They also must achieve a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 and apply for admission to WSU.

Cowley College students meeting these requirements will be guaranteed admission to WSU with completion of application requirements and receipt of transcripts. They will enter with junior status toward a baccalaureate degree, and be guaranteed to transfer all credit (100 level and higher) up to but not exceeding 64 credit hours from Cowley College with an earned grade of a C or better.

“Cowley College is excited to be able to offer an articulated program with Wichita State University in Anthropology,” Dr. Schoon said. “Having an active dig site on the outskirts of the community will provide students with real archeological experience related to the history and significance of Etzanoa.”

For graduation from WSU with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, students will need to fulfill transfer coursework from Cowley along with all WSU general education requirements, degree requirements, and must meet all requirements for graduation as outlined by WSU.

Todd Shepherd, Chair of Cowley College’s Business and Social Sciences Department, said this 2 +2 agreement with WSU puts Cowley on the cutting edge of anthropological education in this area. He also credited the work done by Cowley’s Social Science instructor Meredith Mahoney to make this agreement possible.

“Meredith Mahoney has worked very closely for several years with WSU faculty to offer Etzanoa summer field research opportunities for students,” Shepherd said. “Now they can take that practical experience, along with Cowley classes, and have a jump start on their careers.”

Cowley College currently has 10 other 2+2 articulation agreements with WSU. The agreements include Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Business Administration, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Electrical Engineering, General Business, Industrial Engineering, and Product Design and Manufacturing Engineering.

Wichita State executive vice president, provost and professor Dr. Richard D. Muma said WSU is committed to continue working with Cowley College on providing seamless transfer opportunities for its students to complete 4-year degrees.

“The anthropology 2+2 was launched, in part, for students wanting archeological research experience involving the lost Native American City of Etzanoa in Cowley County,” Dr. Muma said. “Our expertise in this area made for a perfect match with Cowley College’s program. This is in addition to a number of other 2+2 agreements we have signed in the fields of business and engineering.”

Students transferring to WSU from Cowley who have not completed an A.A. must meet necessary requirements for admission to WSU, and will have their transcript evaluated on an individual basis.

Students can inquire about academic and participation scholarships, financial aid, and grants by contacting the WSU Financial Aid office (316) 978-3430 or Cowley’s Anthropology Department (620) 441-5336.