Cowley College

2020-2021 CC Singers announced

August 25, 2020

The personnel for the 2020-2021 Cowley College Singers was recently announced. Auditions were held and the group members were chosen from Cowley students who auditioned.

Cowley College director of vocal music Lindsay Allen said she had 24 students try out and this year was the hardest year to date when selecting members of CC Singers.

“I am beyond excited to see so many talented students want to participate in making music,” Allen said. “The group this year is already forming a great bond and the sound they were creating during tryouts alone leads me to believe they are going to be a phenomenal ensemble.

Of the 24 to try out, half of those students (12) ended up being selected for the CC Singers. CC Singers are Zane Butler, Esmeralda Castillo, Corbin Gillihan, Jessica Goosey, Holly Leavitt, Corbin Liermann, Creek Love, Riquandrion Mangum, Leanne Martin, Madilynn Sanderholm, Timothy Remington, and Alexis Rogers.

CC Singers will be hard at work learning their music so they can be available to Cowley County and surrounding areas.

If any community organizations are interested in having the CC Singers perform for one of their meetings, please contact Lindsay Allen, director of vocal music for Cowley College, at 620-441-5362, or by email at