Cowley College

Cowley College’s statement on social injustice

June 5, 2020

Dear Tiger Nation,

All of us have witnessed the terrible tragedy that occurred on May 25th in one of our great states. This senseless act of violence is a stark reminder that racial injustice continues to endure and has deeply fractured our nation and our communities. We are profoundly saddened and troubled by these events and recognize that an injustice to some is an injustice to all. Love, respect, and concern for others should be the hallmarks of our society. Freedom and the pursuit of happiness, the foundation for each and every one of our citizens. Therefore, the hatred of others, regardless of expression, cannot and should not be accepted.

The core values of Cowley College are people, accountability, integrity, and leadership. We, as Tiger Nation, must model these values by loving and respecting all people regardless of our differences. We must hold ourselves accountable and live a life of genuine integrity. Nowhere else in our society should these principles ring more loudly than in higher education, where we strive to embrace our collective diversity in all of its forms. As educational leaders we must commit to promoting equality and justice for all who seek to walk through our doors. We must understand that while talent and ability are fairly and equally distributed, opportunity and progress are not.

In closing, Cowley College has long embraced the beauty of diversity in its learning objectives, student activities, and general campus life. Let’s please all join together as one people who embrace what it means to be human and remember that our love, respect and concern for our fellow citizen is the far better objective. Let’s collectively determine to make a better today and a far better tomorrow for all of us.

Wishing All of Our Current and Future Tigers Peace and Joy,

~ Dr. Dennis C. Rittle, Cowley College President

~ Dr. Kori A. Gregg, Cowley College Foundation