Cowley College

Gaining Exposure

September 19, 2019

Cowley College had an opportunity to showcase some of its programs at the Exposure 2019 event held Thursday at Wichita’s Century II Performing Arts and Convention Center.

Cowley employees Tina Grillot, Eddie Andreo, and Abby Hollins were on hand to answer questions about Workforce and Community Education, digital badging, customized training and apprenticeship opportunities.

Exposure is billed as the region's premiere business-to-business trade show and networking event with representatives from more than 200 Wichita businesses on hand.

Cowley’s Workforce and Community Education is committed to providing working partnerships for every business and industry they serve. They offer practical training modules tailored to each business’ special needs to improve skills, increase productivity, promote safety, and encourage the application of new technologies in the workplace.

For more information about Workforce and Community Education call 800-593-2222 or visit

Pictured, from left, Eddie Andreo, Abby Hollins, Heather (Grillot) Munn, and Tina Grillot.