Cowley College

Media Club conducts Constitution Day event

September 18, 2019

Cowley College students had an opportunity to attend the First Amendment Free Food Festival as part of the Media Club’s Constitution Day event held Tuesday in the Earle N. Wright Community Room.

Along with Media Club sponsor Meg Smith, Frank Arnold had his government classes participate in a quiz bowl challenge on constitution-related questions and Dianne Flickinger had her Collegiate Quiz Bowl students write the questions and oversee the competition.

International Student Services Coordinator Matt Neise played the role of the 'dictator' and gladly demonstrated what life feels like in the land of the "right-less".

Director of Student Life Landon West checked passports and steered students clear of obstacles in this strange new land.

Media Club gave away free pizza in exchange for students signing away the rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

Owens sent his Criminal Justice students over after they put together an informational display outlining the fourth amendment covering search and seizure guidelines.

Marlys Cervantes sent her poetry students to take in the vibe, eat pizza and maybe even create a little civil unrest.

“Overall, I was happy with our return to the event after taking the last two years off,” Smith said. “On Constitution Day, the federal government mandates that we recognize this day as an institution of higher learning receiving government funding. As an instructor teaching the finer points of the First Amendment, I find it ironic. The irony comes in the fact that we enjoy the freedom of speech under the first amendment and are at the same time mandated to speak about the benefits of the constitution on this day each year.”

Smith hopes to have more academic areas join in next year and to have great support from the college as well.

“If we are going to recognize this day, it would be beneficial to have more student, staff and faculty participation,” Smith said.