Cowley College

Finish with Friends at Cowley College

July 11, 2019

Thanks to a recent partnership with Friends University, Cowley College students can finish their bachelor’s in Business Administration with Friends University while staying in Arkansas City.

The Finish with Friends program allows students who have completed their associate degree to earn a bachelor’s in business administration with Friends University through classes offered on the Cowley College campus.

Amy Clark (pictured), graduate and professional studies recruiter at Friends University, was on Cowley College’s main campus in Arkansas City on Wednesday to speak to Cowley College students interested in finishing their degree at Friends.

With more than 400 students majoring in business studies at Cowley College, this partnership will create greater access and affordability for Cowley College graduates as well as for local employees who have some formal business training but have not completed their four-year degree to complete their bachelor’s degree without having to travel long distances or relocate.

Friends University’s bachelor of business administration degree prepares students for a successful career in a variety of different business activities using a unique blend of cross-disciplinary business courses. The business management program includes accounting, finance, management, marketing and information systems.

There is still time to enroll for the fall semester which begins in August. Oklahoma students will not be charged out of state tuition.

For more information contact 316-295-5300 or email