Cowley College

Cowley Agriculture program receives $50,000 grant

June 25, 2020

Looking to expand its Agriculture program, Cowley College recently received a $50,000 grant from the Sunderland Foundation. The grant is for building funds for higher education at Cowley College’s Sumner Campus in Wellington, Kansas.

Due to the demand for agricultural education and the many diverse components, Cowley College is expanding its agricultural program so it can train students to improve crop and animal production for the future.

Cowley College Agriculture program director Buddy Curry said the current plan is to use this money for equipment and pen systems to go in the facility that the Agriculture program is trying to build.

“Every dollar asked for and received is being strategically used to accomplish the goals of the Agriculture program to provide a quality education to the students, farmers and ranchers, as well as Agriculture industry partners in the service area,” Curry said. “See, it is not just about a building, which is needed, it is about the building, equipment, animal handling, pens and etc. to provide the full learning experience to our students and partners. This will provide opportunities to our students and partners to collaborate with other industry leaders and universities to provide the highest quality education possible in a central location here in South Central Kansas.”

Jan Grace, Sumner Campus Operations Officer, found out about the grant, while Shannon Martin served as the grant writer.

“When Jan Grace contacted me about Cowley College being a grant recipient for $50,000 from the Sunderland Foundation, I was overjoyed,” Cowley president Dr. Dennis C. Rittle said. “Jan worked on this grant during the spring when the Covid-19 pandemic was in full force. She showed tremendous initiative and leadership to leverage the downtime to secure dollars which will help advance the vision of the Sumner Campus and its efforts to be a premier agricultural program among two-year colleges in the nation. Thank you, Sunderland Foundation for your generosity. And, thank you, Jan Grace, for your leadership.”

Larry Theurer, Chairman of Cowley College’s Agriculture program advisory committee, has been a long-time resident of the Sumner County community and is glad to have Cowley College and the Agriculture program in Wellington.

“With Wellington being the Wheat Capital, anything we can do agriculturally is a plus,” Theurer said. “It is wonderful that foundations like this have money during this time to give to the college. This is a good first step to help the Agriculture Program at Cowley College continue to grow.”

Cowley will continue seeking partners and grant funding to provide a state-of-the-art facility that will be the leader in “gate to plate” agricultural education in Kansas.

For more information on Cowley’s Agriculture program call 620-441-5394 or visit