Cowley College

Partnership between Cowley College and Newman University in full swing

May 1, 2020

The partnership between Cowley College and Newman University for the Accelerated Elementary Education Bachelor of Science has been a seamless process since the schools signed the initial partnership agreement in August with the intention of Cowley College becoming an instructional site for Newman University’s Education coursework.

This winter the Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) approved Cowley’s main campus in Arkansas City and the Sumner Campus in Wellington to be instructional sites for Newman University coursework. Having two of Cowley’s campuses become instructional sites for Newman allows Cowley students to take courses close to home at an accelerated pace.

Upon completion of the Associate of Arts Degree, Cowley students can complete the Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education in just 16 short months. Five students began their program with Newman in January with the expectation of beginning their student teaching semester January of 2021 and graduating in May of 2021.

Prior to the social distancing implemented by post-secondary institutions, these students were attending class at the new Education Center on Cowley's main campus. According to Julie Rhoads, Cowley College’s Director of Education, the program looks to have approximately five additional students joining this group in August with another three students attending the Sumner campus, for a total of 13 students. In addition, one Cowley student from Wichita will join the Newman Wichita cohort in August. More students are already slotted to apply for the program in January of 2021 with inquires coming in daily.

With the KBOR approval, Newman can now place instructors at the Cowley campus. Newman’s goal is to hire local professionals as adjunct instructors, thus offering students local perspective on teaching expectations when learning about effective pedagogical approaches, curriculum, and student populations with the local districts. As the 2020-21 academic year approaches Newman has begun the search for potential instructors.

Jessica Bird, Newman University’s Assistant Dean for Non-traditional Outreach Programs, said the partnership between Newman and Cowley has been outstanding.

“We can dual advise and work together with the students, thus giving the students top-notch customer service,” Bird said. “We have a seamless process, and it makes the transition from Cowley to Newman extremely efficient. We look forward to the continued growth of the program, and we are excited to explore additional partnerships with Cowley.”