Cowley College

Life: Through Word and Lens to be held virtually

April 24, 2020

Cowley College students have been working from home since mid-March on the completion of the virtual gallery for the Life: Through Word and Lens event which will be held April 30 and the link will available by 6:30 pm.

The college is using the virtual gallery site and will provide the link on the Cowley website once the 'hanging' is complete. The virtual gallery is just like printing, framing and hanging the art.

Here is the gallery link:

Life Through Word and Lens portfolios can be found at

According to Meg Smith, director of mass communications, many of the images are isolation images.

“This is such a cool and unique exhibit since students were restricted by the conditions of the Stay at Home order with limited access to 'models' and locations,” Smith said. “I am super proud of their efforts and the end result has been some amazingly creative works. This new virtual gallery gives the viewers the opportunity to checkout the artwork, read about the photographers and even purchase a piece of their artwork. The link will be posted on the website so the community is invited to click on the link and see that showcase of student artwork.”

Marlys Cervantes, Chair of the Humanities and Communication Department, said in these difficult times, this is a prime example of the creativity, drive and dedication of the Cowley students.

The Journal Writing/Storytelling classes (the face-to-face and online sections) and the Seminar class with graduating sophomores have had to convert to working at home and preparing a digital version of their works instead of a physical portfolio.

“Our plan is to have a digital bookshelf where visitors will be able to browse the shelves and look through the portfolios as flip-books,” Cervantes said. “These students have been amazing. Most of them are not technical students, in the aspects of what we are now having to do to make this showcase happen, and so as they are polishing their writing and building their portfolios, they are also having to pull them into a single digital document for display.”

Additionally, the students are doing this in less time since they lost the week with the extended spring break, and under the stress of transitioning to all virtual learning.

“I love these students and their passion for their craft,” Cervantes said. “I fully expect an incredible display for the community to view next week. We can't wait to be able to get the link out to everyone.”