Cowley College

Russian cultural evening held at Cowley College

February 21, 2020

Cowley College hosted a Russian cultural evening Wednesday, February 12 on the college’s main campus in Arkansas City. The event was organized by Mark Kiselev, who is attending Cowley College as part of the YEAR (Year of Exchange in America for Russians) program.

As the first International Student Organization meeting of the semester, it was a huge success with more than 60 people showing their interest in Russian culture including students, faculty and people from the community.

Attendants got to know the aspects of language, geography, history and traditional culture of Russia. They also took part in a quiz about facts they learned which was a lot of fun.

At the end guests enjoyed traditional Russian dishes such as dumplings (пельмени/pelmeni) and strawberry compote.

“It is very important to establish and engage in meaningful dialogue between American and Russian cultures,” Kiselev said.

Prior to coming to Cowley College Kiselev volunteered at the American Center in Moscow, where he improved his English. He is a member of Cowley’s Collegiate Quiz Bowl Challenge Team and has worked hard to immerse himself in the American culture.

The YEAR Program is designed to provide promising young Russian leaders a comprehensive understanding of American society while building leadership skills and empowering participants to share their experiences after returning to their home communities.

As part of the YEAR Program Kiselev is required to complete one course in American Studies during each semester of study. He also must take part in 20 hours of community service and conduct three informational interviews in his proposed field of study.