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Mulvane Center Faculty and Staff

Uwe Conrad
Mathematics Lead Instructor

  • BA - Middle Tennessee State University
  • MST - Middle Tennessee State University
  • 2004 NISOD Teaching Excellence Award Recipient
  • 2005-2007, President of the KAMATYC (Kansas Mathematics Association of Two Year Colleges)
  • Co-Sponsor Mu Alpha Sigma Chi (Mulvane Center)

    Office: Mulvane Center
    Phone: 316.777.3058

Chad Killblane

Chemistry Instructor

  • B.S. in Biochemistry from Southwestern College, Winfield, KS
  • PhD - in Chemistry from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln
  • Awards and Certifications - Search for lowest energy nonclassical Fullerenes III: C22, Killblane, Gao, Shao, Zeng JPC A 2009, 113 (31): 8839-8844. Theoretical Optical Absorption and Photo electron spectra of Endohedral Gold Clusters. Journal of computational and Theoretical Nano Sciance, Volume 6, Number Z February 2009, pp359-363 (5). Structures and stabilities of small Silicon cluster. High-Level A initio calculations of Sib; Gao, Killblane, Zeng, computing letters, Volume 1 Number 4, 2005, pp 343-347 (5)
  • Professional Organizations: ACS, KNEA
  • Experience: Performed research and built a Cluster computer at the University of Okayama, Okayama Japan.
  • Office: Mulvane Center
    Phone: (316) 777-3091

Admissions Representatives

Krista Ramirez

Admissions Representative