Cowley College

Finish with Friends at Cowley College

Finish with Friends at Cowley College

Cowley College students can finish their bachelor’s in Business Administration with Friends University while staying in Arkansas City.

The Finish with Friends program allows students who have completed their associate degree to earn a bachelor’s in business administration with Friends University through classes offered on the Cowley College campus.

Fall courses start August 2019.

*TERM 1 – 1st 8 weeks

BADM 260 — Business Communications
Tuesday 6-10 pm

BADM 300 — Principles of Management
Thursday 6-10 pm

*Subsequent coursework to be determined by the area of discipline chosen per student.

TERM 2 – 2nd 8 weeks

HRMT 300 — Strategic Human Resources Mgmt
Tuesday 6-10

BADM 330 — Organizational Behavior and Theory
Thursday 6-10 pm