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AcceleRATE courses for Kansas High School Students

Take advantage of our $55 AcceleRate Tuition Rate for Kansas High School Students for Specified College courses

Get on the FastTrack to a college education! Cowley College’s dual enrollment program lets you start earning college credit while still attending high school.

Our special tuition rate helps you supercharge your coursework without breaking the bank. Cowley College waives your general fees and online course fees. AND our new textbook rental programs saves you up to 60% in textbook expenses.

Whether they’re taught in your high school, on our campus, or online, a variety of courses are eligible for our $55 AcceleRate. Most courses are also guaranteed to transfer among all Kansas public post-secondary institutions.

Courses approved for the $55.00 per credit hour AcceleRATE for Kansas High School Students

Basic Skills/General Education

MTH4435 - Calculus I
MTH4420 - College Algebra
MTH4423 - Elementary Statistics
MTH4425 - Trigonometry
ENG2211 - English Composition I
ENG2212 - English Composition II
COM2725 - Interpersonal Communications
COM2711 - Public Speaking

Lab Science

CHM4211 - General Chemistry
BIO4111 – Principles of Biology
BIO4150 - Human Anatomy & Physiology
PHS4511 - Intro. to Physical Science
PHS4530 - Introductory Astronomy

Social Science

ANT6911 - Cultural Anthropology
ECO6113 - Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO6114 - Principles of Microeconomics
GEG6120 - Principles of Geography
POL6611 - American National Government
PSY6712 - Developmental Psychology
PSY6711 - General Psychology
SOC6811 - Principles of Sociology

Computer Literacy

CAP1516 - Computer Applications


ART2111 - Art Appreciation
HIS6411 - US History to 1877
HIS6412 - US History since 1865
LIT2511 - Introduction to Literature
MUS2611 - Music Appreciation
PHO6447 - Introduction to Philosophy
PHO6460 - Ethics
THE2730 - Theatre Appreciation

Industrial Related

INR3713 - Applied Economics
INR3716 - Technical Mathematics
MTT3569 - Workplace Ethics

Other Electives

BUS1315 - Personal Finance
CHC5711 - Development of the Young Child
CRJ5411 – Intro. to Criminal Justice
HER5220 - Principles of Nutrition
MCM2411 - Mass Media & Society

Newly added: (Beginning Summer 2018)

AGR1211 - Ag Orientation
AGR1213 - Ag Computation
AGR1230 - Agriculture Economics
CIS1715 - Intro. to Computer Science
CIS1909 - Assembly Language Programming
EDU6211 - Intro. to Teaching
EDU6212 - Intro. to Teaching Field Experience

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