Cowley College

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Machine Tool Technology

Program Overview

In the Machine Tool Technology classes at Cowley College, students are trained on machine tools that are the standard of the industry. Students will find lathes, milling machines, precision-grinding equipment, and many other machine tools, all of which are of state-of-the-art design. Many of our machines are computer-controlled; students have the opportunity to learn computer numerical controlled programming of these machines for complex and sophisticated machining processes. Students will also learn quality control methods using the latest measuring and inspection instrumentation. With this type of equipment, students are able to produce aerospace-quality projects. Industry support has made it possible to take classes on field trips, which give greater dimension to the student experience.

Degrees, Certificates, and Class Schedules

In addition to technical classes, there are four related courses required for all students: OSHA 10, Blueprint Reading, Technical Math (or higher), and Applied Economics. For AAS degree-seeking students, there are 15 additional specified General Education credits required.

Degree & Course Work Details:

Cowley College is determined to keep the Machine Tool Technology program updated in order to give the students the skills they need to stay competitive in today's job market. This has been accomplished by providing nearly one million dollars in up-to-date equipment representing those used by industry.

Numerical Control Programming

In the Numerical Controlled Programming classes at Cowley College, students are trained on Mastercam which is the industry standard program for programming CNC machines. Students will learn how to create geometry, turn that geometry into solids and surfaces, and then program the parts created with toolpaths so that they can then be machined. This will include programming lathes, mills, and routers.

Students will learn how to pick the proper tools, calculate feeds and speeds along with how to program multi-axis machines. With this training the students will have the opportunity to work in one of the largest growing industries in the country.


The Machine Tool Technology program is committed to providing students with necessary skills and work ethics that give them vision enough to adapt to a constantly changing work environment.


The Machine Tool Technology program will strive to give the student the ability to adjust to the demands of his/her career by providing individual and group learning experiences.