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Arkansas City CTE Center

Cowley College’s Career & Technical Education programs are in the Walker Industrial Technology building on the Arkansas City campus.

Arkansas City Main Campus

Walker Technology Building
209 South 4th Street, Arkansas City, KS 67005
Phone: 620.441.5279
Fax: 620.441.5357

At the Ark City CTE Center, students can earn degrees & certificates in the following programs.

Non-Destructive Testing

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Cowley’s Nondestructive Testing program provides tremendous opportunities in safety & quality inspection. The NDT program offers an Associate of Applied Science degree that is currently in high demand. NDT students develop the knowledge and skills required to perform sophisticated testing techniques such as eddy current, x-ray, liquid dye penetrant, magnetic particle, and ultrasonic testing that are currently required in many different industry fields.

Manufacturing Technology (Mechatronics)

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Manufacturing Technology (Mechatronics) is the combination of many disciplines. Computer Programming, Electronics, Programmable Logic Controllers, and Robotics are key fields, with specific skills including: panel wiring, machine set-up/trouble shooting, and quality control.

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Cowley’s automotive program includes: classroom instruction and hands-on laboratories. Specific subjects include electrical and electronic systems, suspension and steering, engine performance, manual transmissions and transaxles, heating and air conditioning, engine repair, automatic transmissions, and brakes. Students have the opportunity to work on high tech automobiles using the latest diagnostic tools and equipment.

Welding Technology

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Cowley College provides well-equipped laboratories that enable students to receive instruction in oxyacetylene welding and cutting, shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), gas metal arc welding (GMAW), gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), metallurgy, plasma cam cutting and allied processes.

Machine Tool Technology - read more

In the Machine Tool Technology classes at Cowley College, students are trained on machine tools that are the standard of the industry. Students will find lathes, milling machines, precision-grinding equipment, and many other machine tools, all of which are of state-of-the-art design. Many of our machines are computer-controlled; students have the opportunity to learn computer numerical controlled programming of these machines for complex and sophisticated machining processes.

Numerical Control Programming - read more

In the Numerical Controlled Programming classes at Cowley College, students are trained on Mastercam which is the industry standard program for programming CNC machines. Students will learn how to create geometry, turn that geometry into solids and surfaces, and then program the parts created with toolpaths so that they can then be machined. This will include programming lathes, mills, and routers.

Milling Technician

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This unique certificate of completion program prepares candidates to work in flour mills as an associate working in many of the areas of the modern mills. The milling classes will be taught by professionals from the International Association of Operative Millers while college faculty will teach the ancillary courses required in the industry. At the conclusion of the courses, candidates will complete an internship at a functioning flour mill.

Applied Technologies

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The Applied Technologies AGS (Associate of General Studies) allows for students to transfer in 32 credit hours for at least 660 Clock hours of acceptable technical courses. An additional 30 credit hours of specific General Education requirements are required to obtain the Associate of General Studies.