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Health & Human Services

Early Childhood Unified

(Birth – 3rd Grade)

Early Childhood programs continue to grow within local schools to address a variety of needs in an effort to prepare young children for success. As school districts adopt early childhood programs, the demand for licensed teachers who specialize in working with children birth through second or third grade is on the rise.

The Associate of Arts in Elementary Education/Early Childhood prepares students to transfer into university programs which support a unified bachelor degree. This unified degree focuses on curriculum content and pedagogical practices in preparation for a license to teach children birth through third grade.

Cowley College works closely with universities to design specific course work for the Associate of Arts Degree to meet entrance requirements for their specific programs.

Note: Many universities do not offer a “unified” degree where students can integrate Early Childhood course work into their Bachelor Degree program but rather require students to complete the Bachelor of Arts/Sciences in Elementary Education then complete a Masters Degree in Early Childhood; therefore, dual enrollment is highly recommended for those looking to become an Early Childhood educator and be licensed by the Kansas State Department of Education.

Recommended Coursework to Meet Transfer Needs:

Note: Students should consult with a Cowley College Advisor to develop a Dual Advising Plan between Cowley College and the College of Education at the intended transfer University.

For information contact:

Julie Rhoads
Director of Education