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Medical Coder specializes in coding patients’ medical information for insurance purposes using the CPT, HCPCS and the ICD 9 / ICD 10 coding system, an international uniform classification system that groups related diagnoses and procedures for use in medical insurance billing and statistical reporting necessary to comply with state and federal regulations. Upon successful completion of the program, the student will receive a certificate or AAS degree.

If you have always wanted a career in healthcare to help people but really didn’t want to physically take care of patients, this may be a profession for you. These professionals assign codes to each diagnosis and procedure completed by medical practitioners at hospitals, long-term facilities, physicians’ offices, etc. They consult manuals and rely upon their knowledge of diseases to complete this process. It is vital that they are very meticulous and work without errors so that patients and practitioners receive the proper insurance benefits. This is truly one of only a few medical careers where there is little or no direct contact with patients.

Degrees & Course Procedures:

Career Opportunities

Job prospects should be good and the profession is expected to grow much faster than average. A well-qualified and conscientious Medical Coder, according to the latest information, has a secure future. There is a huge demand for these positions in all areas of the country. Coders may work for many various medical facilities and the working environment is better than average.

Potential Earnings

Median 2004 annual earnings were $25,590. Salaries vary throughout the United States and depend upon the type of office.

Why choose Cowley?

Our course offers the convenience and flexibility of learning to be a Medical Coder at home. The students can study as their schedule permits. This course is competency-based, which means that a student will have acquired the necessary skills to enter the job market upon completion of the course. Also, the student is using the electronic medium which will be used during employment.

At Cowley, you have the flexibility to gain a medical coding certificate or AAS degree – the choice is yours to make. Scholarships are also available on a limited basis.

Upon completion of the certificate or degree, the student is ready to seek work as a Medical Coder. Because a person’s employment potential is based upon their performance, we cannot guarantee employment. However, we do whatever we can to provide students with the resources to get started. This course provides actual coding experience, and we are confident that our students will do well in the job market.

Students may also want to consider obtaining specialized national certification. Information for national certification can be found at

Our course is taught by an experienced instructor who has worked in the healthcare field for more than three decades and brings all of the necessary experience in the industry, and is available to the student even after completion of the course to assist with employment opportunities.

Course Scheduling

There is a sequence of courses that will be offered each semester:

  • Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Coding / (previously known as Coding I)
  • Reimbursement Methodologies (Physician) / (previously known as Coding II)
  • International Classification of Disease (ICD) Coding (ICD 10) / (previously known as Coding III)
  • Healthcare Coding Practicum / (previously know as Coding Field Work Experience)

Courses may be added if the need arises or may be occasionally cancelled if enrollment is low.

Get a Bachelor’s Degree Too

After completion of the AAS degree from Cowley, we suggest that you continue your education at Southwestern College ( to obtain your bachelor’s degree. All your college credit from Cowley will be accepted at Southwestern and their online degree can be completed in approximately 18 months. Go the next step – obtain your next degree from Southwestern College.

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