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Financial Information

Financial Aid

Financial Information


Cowley offers the best possible education for the lowest possible cost.
Go to Tuition & Costs to view current tuition, fees, and housing/food plans.

Financial Assistance

Cowley will help you find ways to finance your education.


Cowley awards hundreds of scholarships based on academic achievements, talents, skills, interests, or needs.

Go to Scholarships, browse our offerings, select a scholarships that matches your qualifications, and submit an online application form. Apply early to improve your chance of getting a scholarship.

Financial Aid

Cowley's Student Financial Aid Office will make every effort to meet the college-related costs of each qualified student based on eligibility criteria, satisfactory academic progress, and availability.

Federal Financial Aid is available to those who qualify after completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

The college also has Institutional Work Study programs.

Go to Financial Aid to find out more about financial aid.

Veteran Services

Cowley has a long history of trying to best serve the veterans and military personnel by encouraging participation in higher education. We have developed a relatively seamless articulation of military courses into Cowley credit and financial help as needed.

Go to Veteran Benefits to learn more.

Payment Plans

Cowley is pleased to offer automatic payment programs for your convenience. You can set-up an e-cashier payment plan that works for you, such as:

  • Arrange for monthly payments
  • Make a down payment IMMEDIATELY and arrange for monthly payments
  • Make an optional down payment IMMEDIATELY and arrange for monthly payments
  • Pay in full IMMEDIATELY
Go to Payment Plans to learn more.