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Welcome to Winfield Campus

Winfield Campus is home to the Allied Health and Emergency Medical Services programs of Cowley College. The campus is located in Baden Square, which includes a community center, recreation facilities, public library, and the arts and humanities programs for Winfield, Kansas. Winfield is a perfect location for EMS and Allied Health focused programs, because of the many residential care facilities and ambulatory health care services in the area. Explore our EMS and Healthcare programs and discover your options for a rewarding career!

Allied Health

  • We offer a diversified range of Allied Health programs including CNA, CMA, pre-nursing, phlebotomy, long term adult care, and pre-athletic training.

Instructor Highlight – Samantha Troyer

Samantha Troyer is the Lead Paramedic Instructor for the Paramedic Program. She has piloted many successful teaching initiatives with her paramedic students, including project-based learning, case-based learning, and high fidelity simulation. Her innovations in the classroom led to one of the most successful cohorts in the 20-year history of Cowley’s program in 2017, where there was a 100% retention rate, 100% certification rate, and 100% positive placement rate for program graduates. Samantha also emphasizes provider well-being throughout the course. “Paramedics serve in a very high-stress career setting. We teach our students concepts on mental health self-care and stress management principles so they can have a long and rewarding career.”

Mission Statement

The Emergency Medical Services and Allied Health Programs are dedicated to developing competent, caring and thinking healthcare providers through the use of effective learning strategies that graduate qualified professionals in a mutually rewarding atmosphere.