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High School Students, Dual Enrollment, and FastTrack

  • Fast Track

    FastTrack at Cowley College is a dual enrollment program that provides an opportunity for eligible high school students to earn college credit prior to graduating from high school. Eligible students can get an early start on their college career and earn college credit at an affordable price. It can also help students reduce their time at a more costly four-year institution. Cowley College is dedicated to making FastTrack accessible and affordable through our low tuition rates and our participation in State and Federal programs that provide financial assistance.

    Steps to Get Started with FastTrack:

    1. Complete an Application for Admission.
    2. Contact your high school counselor about your interest in dual enrollment.
    3. Students must:
      1. be a high school sophomore, junior, or senior, or a "gifted" 9th grade student,
      2. meet GPA and placement score guidelines to be eligible.
        1. Complete the FastTrack Permission form through your High School counselor.
        2. CTE students – complete the FastTrack Permission form through your High School counselor.

          [Counselor will submit a Counselor Evaluation Form each year]

    4. Return completed forms to your High School counselor to complete the enrollment process. [Counselor will submit course requests via email and may utilize the FastTrack Enrollment form]
    5. Make payment arrangements for the costs of your courses prior to the first day of class.
    6. Attend a Concurrent High School Summer Orientation.
      1. This is required for High School Students who have not previously taken college courses with Cowley.
      2. You must include which class you are attending on your enrollment form:
        • July 7th — NCO 6700 CC60 — Main Campus (Ark City) 6-8pm
        • July 14th — NCO 6700 MU60 — Mulvane Campus 6-8pm
        • July 21st — NCO 6700 WI60 — Wichita Campus 6-8pm
        • July 28th — NCO 6700 SU60 — Sumner Campus (Wellington) 6-8pm
        • August 6th — NCO 6700 CC61 — Main Campus (Ark City) 6-8pm
        • August 11th — NCO 6700 SU61 — Sumner Campus (Wellington) 6-8pm
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