Cowley College

Academic Support Tutoring

How to Get the Most Out of a Tutoring Session

It's your time, education and future, so make the most of it!

Attend Class

  • Tutoring time is not a replacement for class or seeing your instructor during office hours.
  • If you miss class, get the notes from a fellow student, and talk to the instructor.
  • See your instructor to talk about missed assignments or make up tests.

Know the Assignment

  • Try the assignment on your own before seeing a tutor.
  • See your instructor if you don't understand an assignment.
  • Don't expect a tutor to complete a take-home test or project for you.

Be Prepared for the Tutoring Session

  • Read chapters, articles, or other information important to the assignment before you meet a tutor.
  • Review your class notes and examples presented in class. Develop other examples that will be discussed during your tutoring session.
  • Write down questions about ideas, concepts, or material you don't understand.
  • Give some thought to your academic strengths and weaknesses. If you know yourself, it will help the tutors to help you!

Think Ahead

  • Don't wait too long to seek help. Panic is not productive.

Expect to Participate Fully in Each Session

  • Tutors cannot do your thinking for you.

Remember that the ultimate responsibility rests with you, not the tutor.

Please be courteous. Tutors are available to help you only during scheduled hours. All other assistance is voluntary and left to the discretion of the tutor.