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Golden Tigers

The Cowley College Golden Tigers program, offered to community members who are at least 50 years of age or who are fully retired, provides educational opportunities that promote social, spiritual, artistic, and physical enrichment to its members.

Short-term classes, hands-on workshops, exercise sessions, and enlightening day trips are offered throughout the Fall and Spring semesters each year.

Golden Tigers Activities allow participants to:

  • Keep active
  • Meet interesting people
  • Expand their horizons
  • Participate in exciting courses
  • Explore new skills
  • Develop new interests
  • Have fun
  • Exchange ideas
  • Keep current on relevant issues
  • Make connections
  • Travel to interesting sites

Cowley College Golden Tigers Program Advisory Board

A volunteer board serves in an advisory capacity and assists with the operations of the Cowley College Golden Tiger program.

Current Golden Tiger Advisory Board members include:

Jane Brant - President
Clarice Henderson
Forest Smith
Theresa Maslen
Cheryl Wells
Mindi Shriver
Ron Upton - Secretary

For more information, please contact: