Cowley College

Academic Calendar

Add/Drop Dates

Click here for the Summer 2021 (add, drop, withdraw) calendar in PDF format

1st 4 Week Session
Start Date 06/07/2021
Last Day to Add 06/09/2021
Roster Due 06/10/2021
Last Day for Refund 06/09/2021
Last Day to Withdraw 06/25/2021
Final Grades Due 07/06/2021

2nd 4 Week Session
Start Date 07/05/2021
Last Day to Add 07/07/2021
Roster Due 07/08/2021
Last Day for Refund 07/07/2021
Last Day to Withdraw 07/23/2021
Final Grades Due 08/06/2021

8 Weeks
Start Date 06/07/2021
Last Day to Add 06/09/2021
Roster Due 06/12/2021
Last Day for Refund 06/12/2021
Last Day to Withdraw 07/16/2021
Final Grades Due 08/06/2021

5 Week Session 1
Start Date 05/24/2021
Last Day to Add 05/26/2021
Roster Due 05/28/2021
Last Day for Refund 05/27/2021
Last Day to Withdraw 06/19/2021
Final Grades Due 07/05/2021

5 Week Session 2
Start Date 06/28/2021
Last Day to Add 06/29/2021
Roster Due 07/02/2021
Last Day for Refund 07/01/2021
Last Day to Withdraw 07/24/2021
Final Grades Due 08/06/2021

Roster Due Date – We really need your assistance in submitting your official rosters in a timely manner. You can find instruction on submitting official rosters on the Tutorial Link in Tiger Connect Faculty Page. (Left side menu)

Refund Date – This is set at 12% of the course based off of the start date. Students must request to drop by this date. This date is printed on the pdf of their student schedule for each course.

Last Day to Withdraw – This is the last day a student may request to withdraw from a course and receive a “W” on their transcript.

Note: Some special programs or courses may have different add/drop dates.
Short-session courses meeting less than 4 weeks will vary and be determined by length of course.

If you have a special course that doesn’t fit into the dates above, please contact the registrar.