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The 7 Steps of the Title IX Process

  1. Complaint or Notice of incident
    1. Title IX Coordinator
  2. Preliminary Inquiry (small i) – Title IX Coordinator
    1. Informal resolution
    2. Administrative resolution
  3. Formal Comprehensive Investigation (Big I)
    1. Development of next steps – Title IX team
    2. Notice of Allegation
    3. Evidence gathering
    4. Witness interviews
    5. Analysis
  4. Panel Review
  5. Determination/Resolution – Title IX Coordinator
  6. Sanctioning – Executive Director of Student Affairs
  7. Appeal

After Preliminary Inquiry the Title IX Coordinator will determine which resolution is appropriate for the situation. Informal resolution does not proceed beyond step 2. Administrative resolution does not proceed beyond step 2. Formal resolution will follow steps 3-7.


What is the Complaint Procedure?