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Student Ambassadors
Student Ambassadors

Cowley County Community College Ambassadors are an elite group of students chosen each year based on grades, leadership, and citizenship. These students work in the admissions office and help promote Cowley College in various activities. These students are truly the "best of the best."

Main Campus (Arkansas City)

Jaclyn Aurora Balzer

Jaclyn Aurora Balzer

Lynlea Bartlett

Lynlea Bartlett

Brianna Lynae Byers

Blythe Colquhoun

Emily Crain

Elizabeth Davidson

Kelsey Ford

Tara Glaser

Tommy Govert

Rusty Gray

Chris Loftin

Willy Lucero

Lauren McGuigan

Nate (KILLA) Newland

Isaiah Owens

Missy Patterson

Crystal Rausch

Alicia Rayl

Andy Rouse

Boomer Saia

Amy Slane

Dori Stevens

John Windle