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Callista Harbin
Argonia, KS
Business Admin.

"I love everything about being a Student Ambassador. I like people to know that they can depend on me."

Chris Craft
Caldwell, KS

Activities: Phi Theta Kappa, Mu Alpha Theta, Jazz Band, Concert Band, Chess Club, SGA, CCF, Math & Science Club

“I have only one thought on being an Ambassador: The few, the proud, the Cowley Ambassadors.”

Jenna Boswell
Cedar Vale, KS

Activities: Impact, SGA, PTK, Jazz Band, Choir, Cross Country/Track

Lacey Snyder
Cedar Vale

Activities: R.A., CCF, Intramurals, work-study

“I’ve really enjoyed being “favorite” in the Admissions Office. Being an Ambassador makes me want to “strap ‘em back and become a voice for full-figured women.”

Darren Cobble
Duncan, OK

"The best thing about being a Student Ambassador is getting to know everyone. I also like being a part of all the activities on campus."

Elizabeth Woods
Wichita, KS

Activities: Phi Theta Kappa, Intramurals, Debate/Forensics, Student Ambassador, Newspaper, P.A.W.S.

“Being a Cowley Ambassador is righteous. The Admissions Team makes me feel like a SUPERSTAR!”

Rachel Harper
Augusta, KS

Activities: PTK, SGA, CCF, Newspaper Staff, Cross Country/Track

Ryan“Juice” Julius

Activities: Cheerleading, SGA, CCF, Food Service Committee

“I like being an Ambassador because it has given me the opportunity to get close to many of the students and I’ve become good friends with the other Ambassadors. I also really like working in the Admissions Office with the Reps. It’s just been an awesome experience!”

Chafonn Ricks
Wichita, KS

"Being a Student Ambassador has been a learning experience both mentally and socially. It has helped me become more involved with the students at Cowley on more of a personal level."

Hillary Gaston
Belle Plaine, KS
Instrumental/Vocal Music Education

Activities: Jazz Band Vocalist, Concert Band, SGA, R.A. – Kirk Dale Dorms, Concert Choir, CC Singers, Impact, Work-Study

“Working as an Ambassador has made me more familiar with my fellow students, my campus and my teachers. I’ve made friendships as an Ambassador that will last a life time! Being an Ambassador has been the highlight of my sophomore year here at Cowley.”

Jake Conley
Rogers, AR

Activities: PTK, Newspaper Staff, Cross Country/Track

Michelle Moeder
Arkansas City

Activities: PTK, Danceline

“Through the Ambassador program, I have gotten a chance to get closer to the students & faculty here at Cowley. I am proud to be a part of such an exciting group.”


Linzee Roby
Cashion, OK
Liberal Arts

Activities: Softball, Intramurals, Homecoming Candidate

“With being an Ambassador, it lets me meet people that I wouldn’t be able to talk to on an everyday basis. I probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to become so close to the other Ambassadors or the Admissions Team.”

Sarah Area
Havensville, KS
Secondary Education in Biology

Activities: CCF, Math & Science Club, Intramurals, Student Athletic Trainer, Mu Alpha Theta, Deli Work-Study

“I have really enjoyed taking Lacey Snyder’s spot as ‘favorite’ Ambassador this semester.”

Toni Carlson
Arkansas City

Activities: Newspaper, Journalism Club, work-study

"As an Ambassador, I have had the opportunity to become more involved on campus. this experience has endeared my time at Cowley to me. I will never forget the wonderful people I've met and gotten to know this year through Ambassadors."

Rachel Warren
Arkansas City

Activities: Phi Theta Kappa, Mu Alpha Theta, Math & Science Club, Tutor

“I love hanging out with the Admissions Team & the other Ambassadors.”

Tiffany Phillips

Activities: SGA

“My favorite thing about being an Ambassador is that it gives me the opportunity to be a leader.”

Shayla McDonald
Arkansas City
Criminal Justice

Activities: Student Ambassador, SGA

"I love being an Ambassador. I've made 18 lifetime friends! The highlight was being named Student Ambassador of the Year! I've always told Lacey Snyder I was the favorite!"

Sarah Pritchard

Activities: Softball, Phi Theta Kappa, Intramurals

“It is great to be an Ambassador because you get the chance to become close friends with fun people.”

Trent James
Oklahoma City, OK

Activities: SGA Vice President, Tennis, Phi Beta Lambda, Intramurals

“My favorite thing about being an Ambassador is getting to see the hot chicks that work in the Admissions Office everyday.”

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