Cowley College

Academic Information

Graduation Requirements

Associate of Arts Degree

The 62 credit hours necessary to complete the Associate of Arts degree:

Basic Skills (12 required credit hours)
ENG2211 Composition I (3)
ENG2212 Composition II (3)
COM2711 Public Speaking (3) OR Interpersonal Communications (3)
MTH4420 College Algebra or higher level course (3)
Computer Literacy (3 credit hours) select one:
CAP1516 Computer Applications
CAP1517 Advanced Computer Applications
CIS1715 Introduction to Computer Science
CIS1868 Java Programming
CIS1876 C Programming

Intro to Computer Graphics

CAP1722 Microsoft Word
CAP1749 Microsoft Excel
CAP1752 Microsoft Access
Humanities (9 credit hours)
No more than one course from each department will count toward the division requirements. Studio and performance courses cannot be included.
ART2111 Art Appreciation
ART2141 Art History I
ART2142 Art History II
FOL2330 Spanish I
FOL2331 Spanish II
FOL2343 Chinese Language and Culture I
HIS6411 United States History to 1877
HIS6412 United States History since 1865
HIS6420 World History I
HIS6421 World History II
HUM2921 Integrated Humanities
LIT2511 Introduction to Literature
LIT2531 African American Literature
LIT2550 American Literature I
LIT2551 American Literature II
LIT2560 English Literature I
LIT2561 English Literature II

Gender And Genre: Women's Literature Past And Present

LIT2565 Dramatic Literature

Ethnicity And Identity: Native American Literature

MIN6440 Women and Health
MIN6442 Cultural Minorities in the United States
MUS2611 Music Appreciation
MUS2619 World Music
PHO6447 Introduction to Philosophy
PHO6460 Ethics
REL6430 Comparative Religions
REL6432 Survey of the Old Testament
REL6434 Survey of the New Testament
REL6436 Life and Teaching of Christ
THE2730 Theatre Appreciation
Social Sciences (9 credit hours)
No more than one course from each department will count toward the division requirements.
ANT6911 Cultural Anthropology
ECO6113 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO6114 Principles of Microeconomics
GEG6120 Principles of Geography
POL6611 American National Government
POL6612 State and Local Government
PSY6711 General Psychology
PSY6712 Developmental Psychology
SOC6811 Principles of Sociology
SOC6816 Social Problems
SOC6817 Human Sexuality
SOC6823 Marriage & Family Relations
Laboratory Science (5 credit hours)
BIO4111 Principles of Biology
BIO4118 Environmental Biology (3)
BIO4119 Environmental Biology w/Lab
BIO4125 General Biology I
BIO4135 General Biology II
BIO4148 Human Anatomy and Physiology I (4)
BIO4149 Human Anatomy and Physiology II (4)
BIO4150 Human Anatomy and Physiology
BIO4151 Anatomy and Physiology Enhancement (1)
BIO4160 Microbiology
CHM4211 General Chemistry
CHM4220 Chemistry I
CHM4230 Chemistry II
CHM4250 Organic Chemistry I
CHM4251 Organic Chemistry II
GEO4311 Geology
GEO4312 Meteorology (3)
PHS4511 Physical Science
PHS4530 Introductory Astronomy
PHS4550 General Physics I
PHS4551 General Physics II
PHS4560 Engineering Physics I
PHS4561 Engineering Physics II
Health & Physical Education (1 credit hr)
ALH 5211 Basic First Aid
ALH6312 Personal Health and Community Hygiene (3)
ALH 6323 First Aid and CPR
ALH6324 Basic First Aid and CPR
HPR6325 Lifetime Fitness
Any Physical Education activity course
General Electives (23 credit hours)

Selection of electives are determined by major program of study.